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Confident deodorizer
  • Confident deodorizer

Confident deodorizer

★ Designed for public toilets, suitable for 10㎡ ~ 12㎡ toilets;

★ Deodorization and sterilization are both highly efficient, both of which are more than 95% efficient;

★ Five-in-one purification: medium-efficiency filtration purification, high-energy ion deodorization, active oxygen ion deodorization, plasma catalytic purification, and deodorization of plant liquids;

★ Six core technologies: high-energy ion deodorization technology, ion sterilization technology, active oxygen ion purification technology, plasma catalysis technology, plant liquid degradation technology, high-voltage power ozone control technology;

★ High-energy ion deodorization and sterilization without consumables technology, reducing operating costs and no secondary pollution;

★ Low power consumption, no dead angles at 360 degrees.

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