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Yifeng series-Home Air Purifier
  • Yifeng series-Home Air Purifier
  • Yifeng series-Home Air Purifier

Yifeng series-Home Air Purifier

★ Designed for home environment, applicable area is 15 ~ 25m 2;

★ PM2.5 removal rate reaches 99.99%, this efficiency is in the world leading level;

★ Energy efficiency ratio reaches 15m 3 / (w · h), which is much higher than the national standard 3.5m 3 / (w · h);

★ Consumption-free air purification technologies such as electrostatic dedusting technology, plasma catalysis technology, anion freshening technology and ion sterilization technology;

★ The Sharp air quality sensor machine is used to automatically adjust the purification speed according to the air quality to achieve fully automatic unmanned operation and achieve the most perfect intelligent control;

★ One-button boot into automatic mode, easy to operate;

★ Ion box button extraction, easy to clean;

★ Three-speed wind speed adjustment, adjust purification speed according to user needs;

★ The sleep mode is designed to not affect the user's sleep at night, the machine noise is automatically adjusted to the minimum, and the extra lights will be turned off;

★ The ozone release concentration is extremely low, only 0.002PPM.

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◆ 客厅、卧室、书房、办公室、接待室、小会议室等地方


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